Matt Hardy Reveals Two WWE Stars Pitched In Place Of Young Bucks During Finale Of ‘Free The Delete’

Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker Pitched For Finale Of Youtube Series

Matt Hardy Free The Delete
Image: Free The Delete

Matt Hardy’s ‘series finale’ of his “Free The Delete” videos on Youtube saw The Young Bucks arrive at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, NC.

Matt Hardy spoke with Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite (subscription required), and revealed two other named that were pitched.

Hardy explains if he stayed with WWE, two major names were pitched to show up at the Hardy Compound, one being Bray Wyatt, and the other being The Undertaker.

The web series will continue according to Hardy, with the next episode featuring The Young Bucks attempting to save him.

According to Hardy, he plans on filming two more episodes.

WWE  had plans in January to revive and begin filming new episodes of House Hardy. The first episode, which premiered on the WWE Network was a Halloween special which had great reception with the fans.

Matt Hardy is scheduled to make his decision on the future of his wrestling career within the next 30 days. He has had talks with AEW, NWA, and Impact Wrestling.