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MLW Owner Court Bauer Calls Out WWE For Arranging Meetings On His Dime

Court Bauer Calls Out WWE For “Sketchy” Business Practices

Major League Wrestling owner Court Bauer is not shy about his feelings towards WWE. The former WWE writer took to Twitter to speak on an incident that occurred involving Garza Jr and Ultimo Ninja.

When responding a fan’s question about bringing the duo back to MLW, Bauer stated “ We brought Garza along with Ultimo Ninja this past spring. They vanished, blowing off pretties to meet across town with WWE Talent Relations and negotiate deals. Super talented guys but that was unprofessional and puts you on my do not disturb list. Sketchy move by WWE.”

Bauer also stated that the WWE knew both Garza Jr and Ultimo Ninja were in town for MLW, and arranged meetings based on the fact they were there. Bauer said “the company actively arranges the meeting fully knowing why the talent is in town and on my dime. That’s the definition of sketchy. If WWE wants to engage them, fly them in and do on their own $.”

Back in May, Dave Meltzer reported that MLW talent were being actively pursed by WWE talent development. According to the report, MLW contracted talent were contacted by WWE and offered deals, and when those deals were refused and word was sent to MLW offices, the WWE still told talent to attend upcoming tryouts and not renew deals with MLW. WWE has been engaging on alleged contract tampering for a number of years, and recently have gone after New Japan Pro Wrestling talent.

Both Ultimo Ninja and Garza Jr were offered WWE contracts, but Garza Jr. didn’t pass medical testing, so his offer was retracted. Garza Jr is scheduled to have another evaluation in the new year, while Ultimo Ninja currently works for WWE under the name Humberto Carrillo on the NXT brand.