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More Rumors Emerge On New Title Introduced On RAW Tonight




WWE plans to unveil a new title on RAW tonight in Albany, NY.

Earlier today, both Dave Meltzer and Belt Fan Dan spoke on a WWE Legends Championship being talked about, but another source is hearing a “24/7” title, similar to the Hardcore Championship.


John Pollock of Post Wrestling mentioned on his Money In The Bank recap show, the company may introduce a 24/7 Championship.

The Hardcore Championship had a rule allowing anyone to challenge the champion at any place or time, provided referee was present (dubbed the “24/7 rule”).

Belt Fan Dan states he is hearing from two sources different things, one being a legends title, the other being a “24/7 Wildcard” title.

Wrestlevotes is reporting the new title will not be a Legends Title, and will have no connection to WWE’s next event in Saudi Arabia. They do however state a source indicated it will play off the rule where the title can be defended anywhere at anytime.

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