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Paige’s Brother, Roy Bevis, Clashes with William Regal, Claims WWE Is ‘Blocking’ Him

Monty Jackson



Paige’s brother, Roy Bevis a.k.a. The Zebra Kid, claims that someone in the WWE office staff is “blocking” him from wrestling for the WWE.

Bevis uploaded a Facebook post on October 8 and stated the following,

[I’m] Supposed to be going to WWE next month but once again [I’ve] been blocked from someone in the [WWE] office once again so I’m being told ..anyone else want [to] kick me in bollocks? Well I’m down feel free. I’m never going to change who I am; honest-straight talking fella. If I’ve got something to say, I’ll tell you but the wrestling world isn’t like that. It’s all about stroking egos and back stabbing. UK Hooligans are the best known tag team on the UK indy [circuit] scene. I’m happy doing wrestling in bingo halls, long as I get to entertain fans and enjoy what I’m doing.

“The UK Hooligans” are a tag team comprising of Paige’s brothers, Roy Bevis and Zak Zodiac.

Consequently, Director of Global Recruiting & NXT General Manager William Regal responded to Bevis on Twitter,

Roy Bevis & Regal began trading responses,


Bevis uploaded a video on YouTube, explaining that he didn’t threaten WWE staff but simply wanted to formally visit the staff member.

Bevis also explains that he’s an ex-convict but his past shouldn’t stop him from joining WWE; using MVP’s criminal past as an example.

Additionally, Bevis claims William Regal is keeping him out of WWE because he isn’t an “ass-kisser”.

Paige’s Words on Bevis

In an interview with talkSPORT, that Paige conducted in July, she claimed NXT UK needs to sign her brothers,

I would definitely do appearances for NXT UK but I just want my brothers to be apart of it, Zak [Zodiac] and Roy [Bevis]. I just think the WWE are dropping the ball when it comes to my brothers and I’m not just saying that being bias, but the movie [“Fighting with My Family”] came out and they’ve got this elevation right now, great gimmicks and they could be in NXT UK in a heartbeat. And they [my brothers] want to do that… NXT UK needs to get their s**t together and hire my brothers.

Roy Bevis and Zak Zodiac were respectively portrayed by James Burrows and Jack Lowden in Paige’s biographical film, “Fighting with My Family”.

Zak Zodiac (in black shorts) previously competed as WWE enhancement talent against Big Show in 2011.

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205 Live Wrestler Taking A Break

WWE 205 Live star The Brian Kendrick is taking a break from the ring according a Twitter post.

Kendrick tweeted, “It’s been 3 years since my last #Cruiserweight Title opportunity. Since then, it has become evident that nobody on @WWE205Live understands nor respects the road that I paved for them. Therefore I am taking an indefinite leave of absence from the ring.”

Brian Kendrick won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in 2016 after defeating TJ Perkins at the Hell In A Cell PPV.

Kendrick was out of action for several months, after suffering a broken orbital bone at the hands of Hideo Itami.  He was out of action from December 2017 to April 2018.

It’s unknown is any personal issues or injuries are preventing him from competing. Further details will be provided once they are known.

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During last night’s Friday Night SmackDown, a graphic appeared for the live audience indicating WWE Elimination Chamber will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on March 8, 2020.

This date lines up with WWE’s 2019-2020 touring schedule, which was revealed this past March prior to Wrestlemania 35.

This is the final pay-per-view prior to Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa, FL.

The pre-sale password for tickets is CHAMBER

WWE Pay-Per-View Schedule: 2019-2020 

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During the Firefly Funhouse segment, Bray Wyatt revealed a blue version of the WWE Universal Championship.

The belt was customized by Wild Cat Belts, who also crafted several other WWE titles.

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship was also confirmed for the up-coming Survivor Series PPV

Check out some photos of below.

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