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Randy Orton Under Fire Following Use Of Racial Slur During Twitch Stream




Randy Orton’s late night gaming session has garnered controversy for the WWE star.

Orton was allegedly drinking during the stream, which caused him to speak his mind on a variety of topics, including the use of a racial slur.

Orton used the n-word while playing Call Of Duty with Twitch streamer Brad Radke Thursday night.  The stream was deleted, but clips were captured and shared on social media Friday.

While many have come to Orton’s defence stating he said it in a “non-offensive” fashion, Orton’s poor choice of words have spread to several publications, including some outside the realm of wrestling news.

Randy Orton had a lot of other things to say during the stream, including praising AEW for their debut show, wanting to work with CM Punk, his best AJ Styles impression, and thoughts on Will Ospreay and Joey Ryan.

Here is a synopsis of his gaming session from Reddit user KingEJ1

The stream was hosted by a kid he randomly became friends with on Twitter years ago. It was around 3 hours long at 1AM central and very candid. He was vaping, drinking, and cursing all night while taking pretty hot questions about NJPW, AEW, The locker room, gaming, his family, and experiences in and thoughts of the wrestling buisness. It peaked at around 260 viewers and he said he’d be down for it again despite maybe not having a job when he wakes up.

•He hates people that make a living off selling signed memorabilia.

•Told a story about how when he was 20 he signed almost 100 picture for one fan at an airport. Saying he used to look forward to signing things when young till he found out people would sell stuff.

•Said he’d might not ever make his own streaming channel despite liking it cause “I’m no AJ Styles” then did a great AJ impression

•He loved everything about AEW and is happy for Cody who he also called a good friend.

•His favorite match was Pac VS Page

•”I noticed like 5 variations of the RKO or cutter during the show, I thought was pretty cool.”

•Loudest crowd he heard in a while was South Korea

•Loved performing in Bogota Colombia recently

•He wants to have match with Will Osprey and is a big fan.

•He admires guys like Jack Evans and the Hardy Boys for what they put their body thru.

•He loved Joey Ryans gimmick from the start despite many pros hating it.

•Kept up with Tyler Black in the indies and was excited by how good Seth Rollins was when he finally got to work with him.

•Went on a 5-10 minute tangent about how great of a mom and partner his wife is partner and that she’d smoke “and by smoke I mean fuck up” any female in the WWE cause she’s from Brooklyn.

•Misses Sheamus, says hes a great person to have in the locker room, a good friend and that they were movie buddies for a long time.

•says just hearing Mark Henry talk in the locker room reminds him of the old days.

•Loves that theres a lot less assholes in the locker room than there used to be.

•Wouldn’t want to have a work with The Fiend because he doesnt want to ruin the momentum. He would rather see how others work with him them put together something great.

•Would love to have a match at Wrestlemania with CM Punk and would even go to AEW if it meant he got to work with him “but idc man I’ll wrestle him anywhere, that brother can go.”

•Did a great Undertaker impression by rolling his eyes back but no one saw cause theres no cams.

•He got made fun of for going AWOL after being asked about the military.

•Put over the USA as a country saying traveling to certain places put in perspective how good we have it here.

•Said he had to wake up a couple of hours from then for Fox promo and asked the host and another female on stream to look for a job for him just incase hes fired to which the host said “I heard TNA is hiring.”

•The host says he never asks Randy for things but he did gift him a couple games and Xbox One when it came out so he could play with him.

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