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Report: Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Wrestling During Commercial Breaks On RAW

McMahon Makes Changes To RAW Presentation

Vince McMahon has made another change to the presentation of RAW, following a production meeting held last week in Los Angeles, CA.

Bryan Alvarez first reported on Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon has set a rule for no wrestling during commercial breaks on television. This why we saw 2 out of 3 Fall Matches this past Monday on RAW.

John Pollock of Post Wrestling has confirmed the story, stating that the reasoning behind this change is due to the fact that traditional sports do not continue during commercial breaks.

“I confirmed this is true with the edict announced this past Monday during the production meeting.” Pollock stated. “The idea is that legitimate sports don’t play during the break, so they are adjusting their match presentation.”

“It will be a challenge to come up with organic ideas to break the matchup, especially on Raw where you have many multiple segment matches for the three-hour format.” Pollock added.

Smackdown Live does not look like it will be affected due to Picture In Picture ad breaks, which allows the action the continue.

This isn’t the first change Vince McMahon has made to the presentation of RAW in recent weeks. During the launch of the 24/7 Championship, McMahon wanted the third hour of RAW to feel more “gritty”. The change, which only lasted one week, saw plain graphics, and darker lightning.