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Report: WWE To Announce NXT Move To USA Network On RAW This Week, Triple H Meets With Talent Ahead Of Announcement

WWE is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW in St. Paul, MN. The company is set to announce NXT’s move to USA Network during tomorrow night’s broadcast.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Triple H met with NXT talent stating things are changing, but didn’t divulge exact details. He advised them to watch RAW on Monday, and told them he would see them in September.

The reason WWE chose USA Network over FS1 was due to the fact that USA Network is already a wrestling audience, and they have a better shot at not losing the “Wednesday Night Wars” opposite AEW on TNT. Vince McMahon will reportedly have more say in the NXT product due to them going head to head with AEW. McMahon is expected to be more hands on with the product due it being on the USA Network.

NXT On USA Network could begin live as soon as 9/11. The program is expected to be two hours in length and live every week from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.

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