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Ring Of Honor Final Battle 2018 Recap and Review

1st Match

Kenny King vs Eli Isom

Match begins with heel tactics from King to the crowd and to isom saying he isnt worth his time and notes he’s from the ROH dojo. A short 9 minute match with Eli showing some fight but ultimately losing to King by way of Michinoku Driver.

Kenny King wins by pinfall


2nd Match

ROH TV title match Jeff Cobb (c.) vs. Hangman Page

The crowd was pretty hot from the start of the match and helped the quality of it plus the two opponents being pretty good as well made this a very enjoyable to watch through. Jeff Cobb eventually comes out on top with two tours of the island finishers to page.

Jeff Cobb retains by pinfall

3rd  Match


Elimination 4 way title match for the Women of Honor Title. Sumine Sakai (c.) vs. Karen Q. vs. Madison Rayne vs. Kelly Klein

Elimination 4 way match which saw all 4 women get in offense to hype the crowd up even further. Fun match which saw Kelly Klein eliminate Karen Q, then stole the pin from Sakai when sakai hit the smash mouth to Madison Rayne, then ate two smash mouth finishers from sakai then hit the K power which sakai kicked out then proceeded to hit another K power from the top rope to Finish the match and win the title.

Kelly Klein wins by pinfall and is new Wonen of Honor champion

4th Match


Johnathan Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Fairly short match with Sabre winning by submission Nothing noteworthy of the match.

Zack Sabre wins by Submission

5th Match


Matt Taven vs. Dalton Castle

Match starts out as a regular but Taven heels up to the crowd and Castle and proclaims he is the “real” world champ and proceeds to put his fake championship on the line which had the kingdom interfere multiple times and TK O’Reilly getting tossed out and The Boys being incapacitated by Vinny Marseglia. Taven wins by using the Climax.

Matt Taven wins by pinfall

6th Match


Marty Scurll vs. Christopher Daniels 

Daniel’s last chance to keep his career in this match were dashed by Scurll when Scurll winning by locking in the cross face chicken wing in a emotional match which might signal the end of Daniels’ career.

Marty Scurll wins by submission

7th Match


Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon in a I Quit Match

After the end of the match with daniels’curtain call Bully came out to attack Daniel’s and lay him out asking for Flip to come out to fight him. Bully dials the heel tactics to 11 and attacks Cary Silkin former ROH owner and tries to put Flip’s girlfriend through the table unless Flip quits and Silkin hits Bully from behind with a kendo stick. More heel tactics by Bully and tries to put flip through a table in the process of bring lit on fire by Silas Young. Colt Cabana and Cheeseburger interferes and gets put away. The finish saw The Sandman show up and spook Bully Ray then hands Flip the kendo stick to beat up Bully Ray until Bully quits.

Flip Gordon wins by making Bully Ray Quit

8th Match


ROH World Title Match Jay Lethal (c.) vs CODY

Very fun match witch saw Cody heeling it up to the crowd and saying the hammerstien ballroom sucks. The match had a lot of interference from Brandi Rhodes which halted momentum for lethal for certain bits of the match but didn’t take away from the overall quality of the match.The finish saw Lethal hitting two lethal injections and the final one calling back to the pair’s first encounter at final battle 2016 and cody giving the bird to Lethal and lethal winning with the Figure 4 for the submission win.

After the match Marty Scurll comes to the ring and seemingly sized up Lethal and at the same time Nick Aldis,  NWA heavyweight champion comes out to also size up Lethal, perhaps a sign of things to come.

Jay Lethal Retains his title by submission 


Final Match

Ladder war for ROH Tag team titles SCU (c.) Vs. The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks

Very brutal match between the 6 men which saw Kazarian of SCU getting bloodied badly after a chair shot and Mark Briscoe having a total crimson mask of a face the whole match was filled with brutal spots most notably Nick Jackson falling off of a ladder into a table and hitting his arm on an adjacent table. The match saw what could possibly be seen as the curtain call for The bucks as the Briscoes capture the tag team championship.

The Briscoes climb the ladder to win the Titles

And your new ROH Tag Team Champion The Briscoes