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Someone Programmed AI Bot To Write An Episode Of RAW




The WWE has been under a lot of scrutiny as of late with the product. Many fans have been extremely vocal on the quality of RAW creatively, which has now been brought into storyline with Seth Rollins blaming Baron Corbin for the decrease in ratings.

Ex-WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs recently stood up for the company speaking on how hard it is to write 3 hours of programming every week. The big issue according to Dave Meltzer seems to be Vince McMahon, who has been re-writing RAW scripts late in the day, despite being extremely overworked.

The WWE has a large staff of writers who handle the creative process week over week, and with that someone took the writers out of the equation and adding a year’s worth of RAW reviews to an artificial intelligence bot from Botnik Studios.

Glen Ruberstein says he entered an entire year’s worth of RAW recaps from WrestlingInc, and used Botnik’s machine learning technology to help write an episode of RAW using predictive text.

Check out the outline of the first hour below