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Production Sheet Leak Shows New Words Banned From WWE TV

Updated List Of Words Banned By WWE

Vince McMahon has had a long history of banning certain words from WWE television, and although some slip through the cracks, the general consensus is to not use particular words and phrases.

Back in 2008 a production sheet was leaked with a list of words and phrases not to be used on WWE TV, despite the fact that some of the words have been said over the years, Vince is very picky about what is allowed to be said.

A production sheet ahead of tonight’s Survivor Series has been leaked with additional words that are not allowed to be said on WWE TV.

Additional List of WWE Banned Words:

  • Belt
  • Feud
  • Strap
  • Kill
  • Hate
  • Stupid
  • Hell
  • Ass
  • Violence
  • Fake
  • Revenge
  • Number One Contender
  • In the back
  • National Television
  • DQ,
  • Spot
  • Girls