2020 WWE Royal Rumble: Updated Betting Odds & Predictions

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 - UNiversal Championship Match

The Royal Rumble: Preview, Odds & Predictions

The Royal Rumble will smash into Minute Maid Park and our TV sets on January 26th. 

Coming on the heel of Brock Lesnar’s –Paul Heyman’s– announcement that he would be the first to enter into the ring for the Royal Rumble, betting odds have been released. So, we can now weigh the rumors and our thoughts against what the bookies think, and if you want to place some action here are some options.

The Favorites in the Men’s Division

Vince McMahon, Golddust, Mojo Rawley, and a handful of others are listed way, way back – almost backstage– at 250/1. That means a typical $100 bet like you would make on a football game would gross you $25,100.00 if one of those longshots we to win. 

But that’s a pipe dream and we are not here to talk about winning the lottery with a ticket you found in the laundromat dryer. We are here to talk about who actually has a chance at winning this massive and truly unpredictable event. 

Roman Reigns -137 

Roman Reigns leads the pack as the odds-on favorite to win it all. Of course, the babiest face of them is the fav.

CM Punk +400

Punk is next in line to win on the odds boards at 4-1. 

Drew McIntyre +500

The Chosen One is +500 to stand atop a heap of bodies.

Kevin Owens +700

At 7-1, Owens looks pretty enticing. 

Brock Lesnar +800

The Beast is 8-1 to be the last man standing. Though this may be a tough one to pull off, especially if he is first in.

Cain Velasquez +800

Cardio Cain is right there with Lesnar at 8-1. However, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll leave fairly early. He just doesn’t have the ‘fake-punching’ skills down enough yet to be spot-lit as the winner. 

Edge +1000

Edge actually has some value at 10-1.

Bray Wyatt +1200

I actually think Wyatt/the Fiend is worth a shot at this price. 12-1, is some great value for a wrestler that the WWE has been perpetually propping up over the last year.

The Royal Rumble Picks

I would throw a couple of bucks down on Wyatt to win it all. At -137, I just don’t find value in Roman Reigns. And even though Brock Lesnar is at +800, I don’t think he is winning the whole shebang. Where I do see some value is Lesnar to be in the final four for +250. And Roman Reigns will be as well, but there is no value at -400. 

Brock Lesnar getting the most eliminations is another valuable prop at +200. If he does, in fact, enter first, this is a very real possibility. And Roman Reigns as the Iron Man (he who stays in the longest) is looking good at +600 – though again Lesnar entering first could take the cake, but no real value at -162.

I Like Lesnar in Final Four +250, Lesnar With Most Eliminations +200, and Reigns as the Iron Man at +600. And at +1200, I’ll throw $20 bucks on Bray Wyatt for sh#%s and giggles. 

Men’s Universal Champion | Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan

As you well know, winning the match and leaving as champion can be wholly different things in the WWE Universe. 

Bray Wyatt is -500 to beat Daniel Bryan, who is a valuable +333 underdog. But Wyatt is -1000 to walk away as the Champion. So, basically the boys and girls in Vegas are saying, it doesn’t matter who actually wins, Bray Wyatt is leaving the stadium as the Universal Champion. Very interesting, indeed. 

At the Survivor Series, these two stole the show. Will they help give The Fiend some momentum again, or has the FireFly Funhouse leader stalled out. I love Daniel Bryan in this one. The Fiend barely got the win over Bryan last time, and at +333 DB is a live dog! And the WWE is dragging this new rivalry out a bit more. It makes sense to give Daniel Bryan the win in this one, to get the tit-for-tat going and make this into a real rivalry.

Who do you think will win at Royal Rumble 2020? Leave your comments below.