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WWE Music Group To Use ‘Def Rebel’ As New Production Name

DJDTP Production Team To Use New Name For WWE Themes

Def Rebel
WWE Music Group

WWE will be using a new name for for digital music releases as soon as next week.

As first revealed by Arenataping, WWE will use the name ‘Def Rebel’ for synchronization of music production made by DJDTP.

DJDTP was hired by WWE last year, and has produced over 40 entrance themes for the company.

When looking at WWE’s upload of Seth Rollins latest theme on Youtube, the name ‘Def Rebel’ is shown as the artist.

The group is also responsible for Karrion Kross’ theme, titled ‘Dead Silent’

WWE filed three trademarks for the term Def Rebel last week, for use in software, music and clothing.