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WWE Issues Cease and Desist Against Former Revival For Using Gimmick Idea On T-Shirt

FTR Hit With Another Cease And Desist

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Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have been hit with their second cease & desist in a matter of weeks.

According to Cassidy Haynes of, WWE has issued a cease and desist against the team for company owned images on a t-shirt the duo released on Pro Wrestling Tees.

The images were leaked following their departure from WWE, and depict the pair in outrageous costumes.

Harwood and Wheeler discussed the character change during an interview with Talk Is Jericho. They claim the images were leaked from someone at the creative department in WWE.


The cease and desist was reportedly received two weeks ago, following the upload of the design on their Pro Wrestling Tees shop.

The team was recently hit with another cease and desist from use of the name “The Revolt”.

Caleb Konley and Zane Riley, collectively known as The Revolt have been using that name for five years on the independent scene.

As of this report, it’s unknown if Wheeler and Harwood officially responded.