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WWE Obtains Court Order To Prevent Sale Of Counterfeit Merchandise




Injunction Order Granted To WWE

WWE has obtained an injunction order in the United States District Court of New Jersey to stop the distribution and sale of counterfeit items according to PWInsider.

WWE filed court documents on 3/28 ahead of Wrestlemania 35, which will will allow the company and local authorities to confiscate any counterfeit items from for the remainder of 2019 until Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa, FL.

Court Documents Courtesy Of Jason Cruz

Counterfeit merchandise was found being sold at Wrestlemania 35, and it’s expected more illegal sales will continue within a three-mile radius of WWE events over the next year.

For example, all persons served with the order will be provided with a receipt for the merchandise and will be informed of their right to a prompt hearing before the Court. Although no bootlegger has ever appeared inany case where WWE has been granted a nationwide injunction and seizure order, WWE would waive any objections to venue and transfer the action should anyDefendant challenge any enforcement of the injunction. Indeed, WWE would welcome such appearances as it would permit WWE to identify the bootleggers, take discovery from them, discover their manufacturing and printing sources andpursue them for money damages. In addition, WWE’s posted security would be continued and act as a guaranteed source of recovery for any wrongdoing that they may assert and WWE will hold any seized articles as directed by the Court.

WWE released live event dates into early 2020 as part of the court order, which now requires Federal, State, and local law enforcement officers to seize any counterfeit merchandise bearing WWE trademarks.

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