NXT TV Recap and Review 12/12/18

NXT TV Review 12/12/18

NXT opens with Watkins, McGuinness, and Ranallo telling the audience of the #1 contenders Fatal Wour Way for the NXT Women’s Title, and the qualifying match for tonight is Mia Yim vs Reina Gonzalez, and the winner takes the third spot in the fatal four way match at NXT Takeover Phoenix. Next up is the open contract challenge for Ricochet’s North American title for the main event.

We go to the ring for a quick recap of the Undisputed Era beating down EC3 and EC3’s revenge tonight against the Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish. We go to the Undisputed Era coming to the ring and cuts a promo on EC3 and will embarrass EC3. Cole mentions this will be a decade of dominance for the undisputed era. EC3 interrupts and we have our first match with Fish and EC3. The match opens with heel tactics by fish to stall while EC3 goes for the power game to overwhelm fish, but fish works on EC3’s injured leg from the previous week. It’s more of the same with this being a quick match with shenanigans from the UE and EC3 getting the quick win with the roll up. It was a way to get heavy machinery to go for the titles with War raiders getting injured during the war games match at the last takeover.

The next promo package with Io Shirai and Dakota kai plays and wants a shot at the other half of the 4 MMA Horsewomen Duke and Shafir.

Now for tag team action with the Mighty and Burch and Lorcan. Simply put this was a 5 minute filler match that was fun and the crowd got into it a bit which is always good. The brawl in the beginning between the 4 was to be expected from the highlights from the last week with the mighty getting the upper hand. Burch lands a suicide dive to the outside to take out both members of the mighty.Burch is wrestling for the majority of the match with some tags to Lorcan for relief. There was a nice spot with the mighty as they hit a powerbomb/superplex combo onto Lorcan. Afterwards The Mighty hitting a powerslam/ senton into the corner to the both of them which is a pretty cool spot. As stated before it’s a very fast paced match with the four that ends with Burch and Lorcan hitting the assisted elevated DDT on one of the members of the mighty for the win.

A promo package from last week between Black, Ciampa, and Gargano plays with Black invoking his rematch clause for the next takeover with Ciampa and Gargano interrupts to which Ciampa incite the two to have a final match between the two the next week to settle the score and black almost hits a black mass onto Gargano but missed and ends up hitting Ciampa while Gargano goes up the ramp.

Gargano follows up with a promo outside NXT and says he hasn’t “sinned” & says he did nothing wrong and wants to become NXT champion and that Aleister was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dijakovic promo airs and he’s coming next week.

Baszler is interviewed with the other two Horsewomen and accepts the challenge set for next week by William Regal.

Yim vs Gonzalez for the #1 contenders fatal four way is up next. They have a fairly short match as Tim goes for multiple dragon sleepers which Gonzalez powers out of and Gonzalez takes most of the match by going for power moves plus a back breaker like submission which Tim slips out of and gives her a couple of chops into the eat defeat which picks up a win for her a d now Tim is the third person in the fatal 4 way with Lacy Evan’s and Bianca Bel Air.

Aleister Black’s promo comes up next and said he has to beat Gargano to get back to the championship and there will be no escape, no running away, total annihilation & will fade to black.

Match card graphic says Black vs Gargano is set for next week in a Steel Cage.

Main event comes up as Ricochet comes out and none other than Tyler Breeze comes out to a pop which excites the crowd. Dual chants break out for the both of them. The match is a great way to get guys like Tyler Breeze to get back to where they were before moving onto the main roster. The match is fast paced and ricochet goes into a huricanrana into a drop kick which stuns breeze and sends him to the outside and breeze follows up by going back into the ring and going into a single leg boston crab which Ricochet reverses and does a suicide dive to the outside to breeze and breeze recovers to send ricochet back into the ring to pour on the offense and motions to the crowd. Breeze quickly gets sent into the turnbuckle and ricochet counters into the tiger fade kick which misses and breeze tries a German duplex which gets reversed and sends breeze into the the other corner for ricochet to try another tiger fade kick which hits its mark and goes into a flying elbow from the ropes and recovers into the standing moosault and only gets a 2 count. Ricochet tries a 450 splash that is reversed and quickly recovers and a flurry of exchanges are seen until breeze goes for a super kick into a reverse rana which goes for a 2 count and both are dazed. Ricochet goes for a front kick which breeze counters snd hits one of his knees and ricochet goes for a step up enziguri inyo a Michinoku Driver for the win and the show ends with the crowd giving a standing ovation for the both of them.

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