Report: Backstage Talent Unhappy With Lio Rush Claiming He’s “Broke” In WWE

Lio Rush Recently Turned Down $300,000 Deal With WWE

Rush Reportedly Flies First Class To WWE Events

The heat on Lio Rush continues following his recent remarks of being broke while working with WWE.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite is reporting talent is unhappy with Lio Rush claiming he’s not making a living wage in WWE.

A number of wrestler’s have stated that they have witnessed Rush flying first class to events. Some have walked past him while making their way to coach, while others have sat with him in first class. Rush has also reportedly been flying his wife weekly to live events.

Rush claims that he is broke having to pay road expenses, such as hotel and ground transportation.

Rush recently turned down a $300,000 deal, and reportedly asked for double that amount to re-sign with the company.

Lio Rush was not backstage at RAW, and will not be joining WWE’s European Tour.

No update on the future of Rush with the company, despite reports he may be headed to NXT.


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