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Jay Lethal Speaks On Top Stars Leaving ROH




Jay Lethal Comments On ROH Stars Leaving Company

Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle PPV is this Friday, and it may be the last time we see a number of stars appear on a ROH pay per view.  The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Hangman Page are among those whose agreements with Ring Of Honor are set to expire.

Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal spoke with Mike Johnson of PWInsider and commented on ROH is constantly in a rebuilding phase. Throughout the years ROH has churned out top stars who have eventually left and pursued options elsewhere.

Lethal stated  “you don’t try and replace these guys, you just try and add new pieces to the puzzle, and Ring Of Honor has done an exceptional job, and they really never fully exit a rebuilding phase”

Lethal does believe that ROH is going to take a hit after losing stars, but it’s not necessary due to them being the focal point of the organization, but the star power that they had.

Lethal said “If I’m being brutally honest, we are going to take a little hit because those pieces that we are going to lose, it may seem as if the show revolved around them it didn’t, it’s just that they were such big players. Now there is going to be new spots, and Ring of Honor is gonna do what they’ve always done, find some new interesting talent out there who has yet to make their mark on wrestling.”

Lethal also made mention on how if any past stars from ROH wish to come back to the company they would be met with open arms. “There is never any resentment, anyone who has gone and come back, they will be welcome back with open arms., especially by the wrestlers” Lethal stated.

ROH Final Battle is this Friday live on PPV, Fite.tv and Honor Club at 8pm EST.

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