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Photo: Jon Moxley Injury Update

Renne Young posted a photo of John Moxley on Instagram with a new right arm brace as he deals with his second case of MRSA on his elbow.

Moxley had to pull-out of AEW’s ‘All Out’ event on August 31st due to his diagnosis.

Judging from the photo, Moxley completed his successful surgery to remove the bursa sac.

This is a result of his first diagnosis of MRSA as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, last year in 2018.

The former ‘Lunatic Fringe’ says,

I ended up having two different surgeries… this MRSA, staph infection. I nearly died.

According to the Mayo Clinic, MRSA is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or “staph infection” that’s become resistant to many of the biological antibiotics used to treat infections.

Take note that Moxley dealt with a severe triceps tendon injury in the same right arm, in late-2017; before his complications with MRSA.

According, to Medicine Net, MRSA is very contagious and Moxley is probably stuck with it since this is his second diagnosis in only a year.

In conclusion, according to the ‘Death Rider’ himself, he believes that he’s making a speedy recovery just in time for AEW’s TNT airings by October 2nd.

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