Rumor Killer On WWE 2K20 “Leaked Documents”

WWE 2K20 is scheduled for release this fall, and social media has begun with rumors and speculation on details behind the game.

The following image has been circulating on social media, which appears to be an internal document detailing the release date, cover star, and return of MyGM mode in the game.

Despite multiple websites and social media accounts reporting details from the document, it is 100% fake.

Fox Sports Asia ran a story regarding the document, which was picked up by various gaming and wrestling publications.

The following errors standout immediately

  • Release date(should be 2019, not 2018)
  • Superstar should be capitalized
  • “Pre Order” should be spelled Pre-Order
  • “D Generation X” should be spelled D-Generation X
  • “Road Dog” should be spelled Road Dogg
  • “The main goal is to do destroy rival brands” should be “The main goal is to destroy rival brands”

Despite multiple errors, the document continues to circulate on various social media platforms.

There’s no question that Becky Lynch would be a suitable candidate as the cover star for WWE2K20, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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