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Ryback Publishes Legal Letter From WWE Over Social Media Accounts

Ryback has posted a legal letter from WWE over usage of social media accounts they state they have legal ownership of.

The letter, which is undated, cautions Ryback for using WWE intellectual property in an unauthorized manner.

It has come to WWE’s attention that you are currently using certain WWE Intellectual Property in an unauthorized manner. Such unauthorized uses include but are not limited to: 

  • use of RYBACK trademark
  • use of THE BIG GUY trademark
  • use of the FEED ME MORE trademark

The document also requests Ryback to transfer ownership of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and domain name to WWE.

WWE’s ownership of THE BIG GUY and FEED ME MORE trademarks expired in 2018.

Ryback posted the document following reports that WWE requests access to all Superstar social media accounts. PWInsider reported a few weeks ago that WWE requests passwords to be provided to the WWE Digital Media department. The accounts can then be controlled to push storyline idea and sponsorship campaigns.

WWE reached out to both PWInsider, and Fightful claiming they do not ask for access to talent social media accounts. WWE’s stated “We do not ask talent for their passwords, nor do we own their social media accounts.”